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Special Treatment

Slim Calf Reduction using Smith & Nephew 20S, USA

Slim Calf Reduction using Smith & Nephew 20S, USA
Non-incision calf nerve block procedure is a high-tech procedure that safely blocks off motor nerve of inner main branch of gastrocnemius muscle - the outermost rear calf muscle - with delicate radiofrequency heat using ELECTORTHEMAL 20S. The procedure is nearly painless and leaves no edema after the procedure since it does not burn off the muscles. In general, a lump on a calf refers to over developed gastrocnemius muscle. Hypertrophied gastrocnemius muscle causes unsightly buldge and swelling of the legs due to moisture content inside the muscle. Nerve block procedure evenly reduces the volume of the overall calf muscle, providing in natural looking result. V Plastic Surgery performs non-incision dual nerve block using 20S manufactured by Smith & Nephew, USA for immediate result and short downtime with less chance of recurrence.

Orthognathic Surgery (Safe maxillofacial surgery, 3D mandible & malar reduction)

Advantages of Orthognathic Surgery at V Plastic Surgery
• Strategic surgical planning utilizing the cooperation system of a team of medical specialists.
• Fast and accurate operation with the cooperation of surgeons specialized in oral & maxillofacial surgery.
• Accurate analysis and diagnosis using the lastest 3D digital CT for cranial facial surgery including 2-jaw surgery, mandible & malar bone reduction surgery
• Over 2000 m² of large scale facility, customer oriented amenities, and comfortable recovery room provide full-scale convenience for all patients.
Maxillofacial Surgery - What is different at V Plastic Surgery?
Maxillofacial Surgery also referred as two-jaw surgery is the surgery to correct the position of upper & lower jaws. Maxillofacial surgery can resolve a wide spectrum of diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, jaws including malocclusion due to positioning problems of the jaw.
V Plastic Surgery performs V-line mandible reduction, malar reduction, and osteotomy on square jaw and chin along with maxillofacial surgery to achieve best result functionally and aesthetically through cooperative analysis and diagnosis of plastic surgeons and oral & maxillofacial surgeons.

Korean Celebrity Total Face-Line Surgery

Due to current Hallyu (Korean Entertainment) craze, appearance of Korean celebrities has become an aesthetic standard within Asian continent including China, Thailand and Japan, which affected the increase of the number of patients who wish to get their cosmetic surgery in Korea. V Plastic Surgery Group has established a brand new concept of medical tourism focused on [V-Line 3-Dimensional Plastic Surgery | Korea Celebrity Total Face-Line Surgery] in order to bring out a brand new look for international patients who admire the beauty of Korean celebrities.

Faces of Asians tend to look much wider than those of Caucasians even if the actual measurement says otherwise. Such an optical illusion is mainly due to the flatness of mid-face area (forehead, frontal cheekbone, side profile of nose, nasolabial angle, and chin), which makes one’s mouth to look protruded and face to look larger than it really is. Elements that makes one’s face beautiful is not just eyes, a nose and lips, but also the 3-dimentional angles and ratio of mid-face area; forehead, frontal cheekbone, side profile of a nose, nasolabial angle, and the line of a chin. In order to create 3-dimentional mid-face and sophisticated side profile like Caucasians’ facial feature, V Plastic Surgery Group is focused on total makeover plastic surgery procedures - fat-grafting on the forehead and frontal cheekbone; height enhancement and angle adjustment using nasal and chin implant.


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